About Us

The Affordable Housing Providers of Oklahoma was incorporated as the Rural Rental Housing Association of Oklahoma on the 12th day of April, 1985, to promote the common goal of improving the lifestyle of the rural residents of the State of Oklahoma. This goal was shared with the Farmers Home Administration, now recognized as Rural Development. The common goal was to provide safe and affordable housing to the residents of this State.


  1. Conduct training workshops in the professional management and operation of Affordable Housing and its members.
  2. Provide periodic newsletters for members.
  3. Sponsor and study legislation and regulations governing the financing and operation of Affordable Housing to protect the interests of the members.
  4. Promote professionalism within the Affordable Housing Industry.
  5. Utilize the Association as a means of constructive communication with the Rural Development and all other Affordable Housing Agencies.
  6. Promote and cooperate in research directed toward increased efficiency and lower costs in the operation of Affordable Housing.
  7. Cooperate with all Affordable Housing Agencies and any other Governmental agency that may provide technical service and/or guidance in the successful or improved operation of Affordable Housing.
  8. Standardize methods and procedures.
  9. Promote ethical practices among our members.


Membership fees for apartment projects: $5.00/unit per year

Membership fees for Associate Members: $100/year

If you manage or own apartments in Oklahoma or are simply interested in supporting our goal of providing safe and affordable housing to the residents of Oklahoma, contact Candace Armstrong, Executive Director for additional information about becoming a member AHPOK.